The Nutrient Company (TNC) Ltd is a supplier and manufacturer of chemicals and plant fertiliser, in particular meeting the needs and requirements of enthusiasts, specialist growers and amateur gardeners.
We are an independent and privately owned business based in the North West of England. Our aim is to exceed customer expectations, to provide high standards of excellence in quality and service coupled with competitive prices.
We are committed to a policy of quality improvement and to providing new, innovative and relevant products.
Our current product range includes chemical salts, complete specialised fertilisers for use in horticulture, planted aquariums and hydroponics.

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Our Commitment

To provide our customers with quality products, properly labelled, well packaged and at reasonable prices.

To market our products without gimmicks, without false claims and without fantasy.

To provide our customers with on-line information, advice and technical support

It is our sincere belief that if we support our customers, then they will support us.[/framed_box]

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