Nigel Davenport has had an interest in Indoor growing since 2001, he began retailing hydroponic products back in 2009. Through his contacts in commercial horticulture and agriculture it soon became apparent that the hobby/indoor grower was paying a premium for what, in many cases, were products that could already be bought commercially for agriculture and mid – large scale horticulture. The main differences being – The packaging, labelling, marketing & the price!

The TNC Hydroponics Promise

We will :-

  • Bring you quality, relevant products from the Horticultural & Agricultural markets
  • Be upfront about what you can expect from a product
  • Back up claims with scientific or practical evidence where possible
  • Use plain, clear labels
  • Use sensible descriptive product names

We won’t :-

  • Artificially  inflate prices for the ‘hydroponic’ market
  • Pass on the costs of over designed labels
  • Use marketing buzzwords such as ‘Potent’ or ‘Explosive growth’
  • Use confusing brand names
  • Deal in Snake Oil….[/notice]

The TNC Hydroponic F.A.Q.

[accordions] [accordion title=”Q1: Why do you have plain labels?”] The label shouldn’t cost more to produce than the contents – We’d be the first to admit some product packaging truly is a work of art. But you shouldn’t have to pay for it over and over. [/accordion] [accordion title=”Q2: Your products are based on Agricultural products. They aren’t suitable for my crops!”] The products we sell aren’t crop specific unless they say so. In fact some companies will have you believe some products are crop specific, and then charge you a premium!? The ultimate point is, that these products simply work and work well. [/accordion] [accordion title=”Q3: All these types of products are Snake Oil!”] If there isn’t some research or practical evidence to backup the claims of a product, we won’t market it.
If you’re still not sure – See Q2 [/accordion] [/accordions]

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