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TNC Complete

TNC Complete
  • TNC Complete has ALL the nutrients required for lush, healthy growth in both red and green plants

  • Contains essential Nitrate & Phosphate
    (if N & P are not required - choose 'TNC Lite')

  • Will not cause algae and is safe for shrimp, snails, other inverts and fish

  • Ideal for high light / CO2 or Carbon supplemented aquariums

  • Economic - Concentrated formula & integrated measuring bottle 1000ml will treat 10000 litres of tank water

TNC Complete is an aquatic plant food specially formulated for use in all planted aquariums. For aquariums where the fish load is not meeting the requirements to supply the necessary Nitrate and Phosphate - TNC Complete is ideal for making up this shortfall.

TNC Complete contains a balanced blend of Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potassium as well as Magnesium and all the important trace elements.

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