How to apply mycorrhizae
Sprinkle your mycorrhizae

How to apply mycorrhizae

The main thing to keep in mind when you apply mycorrhizae is that it only takes one spore to infect the whole root system, so we can say that there’s not really a right and wrong way to apply it so long as you can come up with a way of making sure that at least one comes in to contact with the roots. That’s the other thing too – It must come in to contact with the roots to activate.


Image of tomato plant with bare root ball
Take the chance to inspect the rootzone of your seedling or clone to make sure there are no undesirables present or anything amiss
Image of a tomato plants root ball with spoon full of mycorrhizal fungi
Sprinkle your mycorrhizae liberally around the root ball, you’d normally only need about half a teaspoon
Image of a Tomato plant rootball covered in mycorrhizae
Make sure the roots are well covered with the mycorrhizae
Image of a plant pot line with mycorrhizal fungi ready for planting
Allow any left over to line your planting hole or in this case – Plant Pot!
Image of a Tomato plant in pot after inoculating with mycorrhizae
And you’re done. Back fill your seedling or clone and give it a water.


In this post I used TNC MycorrHydro as the mycorrhizal fungi, this gives the added benefit of inoculating with bacteria as well as trichoderma at the same time.
The substrate was a blend of TNC Worm Castings and coir

By Nigel Davenport

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