Which is the best mycorrhizae to buy for my plants and how do I choose?

Which is the best mycorrhizae to buy for my plants and how do I choose?

There are two main types of mycorrhizae, usually referred to as Endo and Ecto. The majority of garden plants and vegetables are “Endomycorrhizal”. The main exceptions are some hard woods, oak trees for example, which are “Ectomychorrizal” and brassicas which are non mycorrhizal.

The different TNC Mycorr products contain either a variety of endo-mychorrhizae or a variety of both endo and ecto-mycorrhizae. The short answer to the question “Which is best?” is that there isn’t a best – as long as the product contains whatever your plants need.
The other differences between the TNC Mycorr products are with the additives and supplements that they contain.

TNC MycorrEndo

As its name implies this is a mycorrhizae containing purely endo species (9 sp.) It is suitable for most garden plants and vegetables with the exception of certain hard-woods and all brassicas. This is the least expensive of the Mycorr range but is fine for most applications.

TNC MycorrMulti

TNC MycorrMulti contains 9 endo species of mycorrhizae and 6 species of ecto mycorrhizae. With the exception of brassicas and erricaceous plants, it can be used for practically all other plants, trees and shrubs including hard-woods.
This product also contains humate and seaweed which act as a stimulant within the rhizosphere (and soil food web) to ensure the plant is given a good start. TNC MycorrMulti is a slightly more expensive than MycorrMulti but considering that it is “multi-purpose” it is a good buy.

TNC MycorrRose

This is an endo mycorrhizae containing 9 different species and although it was originally designed for use with roses, it can be used with most other plants. The main thing about MycorrRose is that, although it is a relatively inexpensive product and like MycorrMulti contains seaweed derivatives and humate, it also contains beneficial bacteria.
When planting roses – which are not exactly cheap plants it is not a bad idea to take out a bit of insurance and ensure that the plant is colonised with beneficial species of fungi and bacteria before the less desirable species find their way in!
The bacteria in MycorrRose also include phosphorous solubilizing bacteria which can “unlock” phosphorous from otherwise insoluble sources, bone meal, rock phosphate and calcium phosphate. Phosphorous plays an important role in the development of plant roots. It is with this combination that we believe will give you the edge when combating ‘Rose Replant Disease’.

TNC MycorrMax

A product for exhibition and specialist growers. As well as endo and ecto mycorrhizae, humate, seaweed derivatives and beneficial bacteria, MycorrMax also contains 5 species of Trichoderma.
Trichoderma are a type of fungi useful for combating pathogenic species such as Botritus (Grey mould), Fusarium and Pythium (Root rot), they will also stimulate a plants natural immune system.

TNC MycorrHydro

This is primarily designed to be used in solution and for hydroponics applications, flood and drain or aeroponics for example. It is also ideal for hand watering or injecting in to the rootzone of established plants.
MycorrHydro has a much higher concentration of mycorrhizae than the other TNC products. It contains 15 different mycorrhizal fungi species and as these will be distributed throughout the hydroponic reservoir there are many more of them.
In addition to the mycorrhizae MycorrHydro contains 5 Trichoderma species along with 13 different bacillus (beneficial bacteria) species.
Finally MycorrHydro contains bio-stimulants such as humic acid and derivatives of a marine algae (Ascophyllum nodosum). These include amino-acids, plant hormones – cytokinins, auxins and giberellins – as well as vitamins and trace elements.

Hopefully this gives you an overview when it comes to choosing from the different options that are for sale. More in-depth data sheets are available on each product page which I’ve linked below. Feel free to use the contact email if you want to know more.

By Bryan Davenport

Product Links :-
TNC MycorrEndo – Purely Endo-mycorrhizal fungi powder
TNC MycorrMulti – A multi purpose Endo and Ectomycorrhizal fungi blend
TNC MycorrRose – Endomycorrhizae blended with beneficial bacteria
TNC MycorrMax – Specialist blend of Endo, Ecto and Trichoderma fungi with beneficial bacteria
TNC MycorrHydro – Semi Soluble powder blend of fungi and beneficial bacteria

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  1. I live in the USA. I am an advid organic gardener. I would like to purchase two of your products. How do I go about this?


    Gretchen Romaine

    1. I’ve emailed you 😉

  2. Hi Nigel,

    Do you have a product that you recommend for the brassicas? Looking to grow some kale. Also, I would be purchasing from the US. TIA,

    1. Hi Jim, as you know Mycorrhizae doesn’t have an effect on Brassicas however a grower in the UK uses MycorrMax to good effect – the side by side tests show a marked difference. It’s likely one of the other aspects of the Max such as Trichoderma, Bacteria or humic acid etc but they now use Max on everything……

  3. Hi, can i buy these products in Australia?

    1. I think Aus customs would make it too expensive unfortunately.

  4. There is any sense to inoculate succulent, cactus, aloe, etc? In case with witch product? And is it a problem the ever dry soil?

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