NPK Value of Everything Organic – Searchable Database

We’ve started to compile a searchable database for the NPK values of everything organic that you might wish to compost, ferment or generally use in horticulture / permaculture. This isn’t just a database showing the NPK of organic fertilisers but includes the more obscure inputs such as the NPK of Coffee grounds, Tea Leaves and even the NPK of compost toilets!
There’s currently about 150 items in the list, if there’s something you’d like to see in particular use the contact form to let us know (Put ‘NPK of Everything’ in the subject)

FertiliserNitrogen (n)Phosphorous (p)Potassium (k)
Cottonseed Meal4600
Ground Fish (Dried)6.62 - 31 - 2
Fish, Blood & Bone Meal556.5
Activated Sewage Sludge530
Blood Meal1200
Rock Phosphate (Ground)026 - 350
Bone Meal3.5170
Chicken Manure (Dried)521
Goat Manure (Dried)1.3513
Sheep Manure (Dried)1.51 - 3.091 - 2.50.33 - 2.25
Poultry Litter (Dried)521
Alfalfa (Hay)2.450.52.1
Tankage11 - 121 - 20
Apple (Fruit)
Apple (Leaves)10.150.35
Apple (Pomace)
Apple (Skin, Ash)03.0811.74
Basic Slag0180
Cana Tree (Ash)0015.65
Banana Skin (Ash)03.2541.76
Banana Stalk (Ash)02.3449.40
Barley (Grain)1.750.750.5
Bat Guano1 - 122.5 - 160
Beet (Root)
Brewery Grain (Wet)
Brigham Tea (Ash)005.94
Bone (Ground, Ash)034.70
Silk Mill (By products)8.371.140.12
Cantaloupe skin (Melon (Ash)09.7712.21
Castor-Bean (Pomace)5 - 62 - 2.51 - 1.25
Cattail / Bulrush reed & Stem2.020.813.43
Cattail / Bulrush Seed0.980.391.71
Coal (Anthracite) (Ash)00.1 - 0.150.1 - 0.15
Coal (Bituminous) (Ash)00.4
Cocoa shell (Dust)1.041.492.71
Coffee Grounds2.080.320.28
Coffee Grounds (Dried)1.990.360.67
Corncobs (Ground, Charred)002.01
Common Crab1.953.60.2
Nettles (Stinging, European)
Corn (Grain)1.650.650.4
Corn (Green Forage)
Cottonseed - hull ashes07-1015-30
Cottonseed - hull (Ash)08.723.93
Cotton Waste (Factory)1.320.450.36
Cowpeas (Green forage)0.450.120.45
Black-eyed Peas (Green forage)0.450.120.45
Cowpeas (Seed)3.111.2
Black-eyed Peas (Seed)3.111.2
Crabgrass (Green)0.660.190.71
Cucumber (Skin) (Ash)011.2827.2
Dog Manure1.979.950.3
Jellyfish (Dried)4.600
Mussel Mud (Dried)0.720.350
Duck Manure (Fresh)1.121.440.49
Eggshell (Burned)00.430.29
Field Bean (Seed)41.21.3
Field Bean (Shell)
Smokehouse Ashes004.96
Fish Scraps (Fresh)2 - 7.51.5 - 60
Mud / Silt (Freshwater)1.370.260.22
Greasewood Ashes0012.61
Beans, Garden Beans & Pods0.250.080.3
Gluten feed4 - 500
Greensand (Glauconite)01 - 25
Grapes (Fruit)
Grapefruit (Skin) (Ash)03.5830.6
Hair12 - 1600
Harbour Mud0.990.770.05
Hoof & Horn Meal1300
Incinerator Ash0.245.152.33
Kentucky Bluegrass (Green)0.660.190.71
Kentucky Bluegrass (Hay)
King Crab (Dried, Ground)100.260.06
King Crab (Fresh)2 - 2.500
Leather (Acidulated)7 - 800
Leather (Ground)10 - 1200
Leather Scraps (Ash)02.160.35
Lemon Culls0.150.060.26
Lemon Skins (Ash)06.331
Limekiln Ash00.752
Lobster Scraps4.53.50
Lobster Shell43.520
Molasses residue (Brewing)0.705.32
Oak Leaves0.80.350.15
Oats (Grain)20.80.6
Olives (Pomace)1.150.781.26
Olive Waste1.220.180.32
Orange Culls0.20.130.21
Orange Skins (Ash)02.927
Pea Pods (Ash)01.799
Peanuts (Seed or Kernel)
Peanut (Shells)
Peanut (Shell, Ash)01.236.45
Pigeon Manure (Fresh)
Pigweed (Amaranth)0.60.160
Pine needles0.460.120.03
Potato (Tuber)0.350.150.5
Potato (Leaves / Stalks)
Potato skin (Ash)05.1827.5
Poudrette (Compost toilet)1.463.680.48
Prune Waste0.180.070.31
Pumpkin (Flesh)
Pumpkin (Seeds)0.870.50.45
Rabbitbrush Ashes0013.04
Ragweed (Great / Common)0.760.260
Red Clover (Hay)2.10.52
Redtop (Bentgrass) (Hay)1.20.351
Raw Sugar Residue1.148.330
Seaweed (Ascophyllum nodosum)
Rose (Flowers)
Rhubarb (Stems)
Sagebrush Ashes004.1
salt marsh hay (salt hay grass)
Salt Mud0.400
Sardine Scraps7.977.110
Sewage Sludge (Filter bed)0.740.830.24
Shoddy & Felt4 - 1200
Shrimp Waste2.879.950
Shrimp Meal660
Silkworm Cocoons9.421.821.08
Chimney Soot0.5 - 1110.35
Spanish Moss0.60.10.55
Sunflower Seed2.251.250.79
Sweetpotato Skin (Boiled) (Ash)03.2913.89
Tanbark (Ash)00.240.38
Tea Leaves (Grounds)4.150.620.4
Tea-leaf Ash01.60.44
Timothy Hay (Cat's tail)1.250.551
Tobacco Leaves40.56
Tobacco Stalks3.70.654.5
Tobacco Stems2.50.97
Tomato (Fruit)
Tomato (Leaves)0.350.10.4
Tomato (Stalks)0.350.10.5
Rabbit Manure71.7 - 3.10
Wheat (Bran)2.652.91.6
Wheat (Grain)20.850.5
Wheat (Straw)
White Clover (Green)
White Sage (Ash)0013.77
Wood Ashes (Leached)01 - 1.51 - 3
Wood Ashes (Unleached)01 - 24 - 10
Wool Waste5 - 62 - 41 - 3
Insect Frass323

Sources: – USDA and others

Notes :-
As ever this database is provided ‘as-is’ and should be used as such. The very nature of organic products makes it impossible to provide ‘accurate’ figures, but this can easily be used as a guide.
Remember, Phosphorous (p) actually gives the value for P2O5 and Potassium (k) K2O – as per fertiliser law. Read more about NPK labels here.

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