TNC CalMag


  • Supplies Calcium, Magnesium and Nitrogen
  • For use at first sign of deficiency
  • Ideal for soft, RO, rain and bottled water users
  • Suitable for Aeroponic, DWC, NFT and Flood & Drain systems
  • Can be used in the garden as well as in the home

Product Description

TNC CalMag is designed for horticultural and hydroponic use to combat Calcium and Magnesium deficiency.
It contains three essential nutrients – Calcium, Magnesium and Nitrogen (in the form of Nitrate).

Calcium and Magnesium, when applied in the correct ratio, have a synergistic relationship allowing for a quick uptake.
This leads to improved crop quality and increased value by preventing a loss of yield.

Both Calcium and Magnesium deficiencies can be prevalent in soft water areas or when RO, bottled or rain water is used to water crops. Both elements are essential additions to feed water in Aeroponic, NFT and Flood & Drain hydroponic systems.

TNC CalMag can be applied as a foliar feed or watered on to soil or coir for garden and container grown plants.


Hydroponics – 2ml / Litre (2tsp / gallon) Add to tank water.
Horticulture – 2ml / Litre (2tsp / gallon) Apply at every watering
Foliar feed – 2ml / Litre (2tsp / gallon)
(Spray after lights out / In early evening)

4% Total Nitrogen (N)
3.8% Nitrate Nitrogen



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