TNC TricorrL4


  • Stimulates the plants immune system and natural defences
  • Increase resistance to Botrytis, Pythium etc
  • Controls pathogenic species including Fusarium
  • Improve overall growth and yield
  • Improve germination rates
  • Liquid product ideal for hydroponic
    & hand watering application
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Product Description

TNC TricorrL4 is formulated to provide your crop with natural protection against harmful moulds and bacteria. It contains 4 species of Trichoderma, specially selected for their beneficial properties, held in a liquid suspension. This makes it ideal for Hydroponics – Aero, DWC, NFT and Hand watering.

The Trichoderma in TNC TricorrL4 are a beneficial fungi which are known to be antagonistic towards harmful and undesirable species. They are a natural fungi which will help to protect your crop and increase resistance to disease and infection – including Botritus (Grey mould), Fusarium and Pythium (Root rot)

A highly concentrated liquid, one millilitre of TNC TricorrL4 contains 30 million Trichoderma spores.

TNC TricorrL4 will also protect your plants in other ways :-

Trichoderma release compounds around the plants root system which will then enter the plant and in doing so trigger and stimulate it’s natural defence mechanisms.

Trichoderma degrade waste organic matter – releasing valuable nutrients – making them available to your plants whilst also destroying potential breeding sites for pathogens.

TNC TricorrL4 will play a major part in the chain of bio-diversity that surrounds your plants root system

Although Trichoderma occur naturally, they will not be present in inert, manufactured or processed growing media. Even in soil that may have previously had a healthy population of fungi, any disturbance to the soil will break up and destroy the chains of hypha


(Bottle – 50ml)

Hand watering
Use 1 drop of TNC TricorrL4 for every litre of substrate (soil/compost/coir) – Apply as a drench
Hydroponic systems
Use 1 drop of TNC TricorrL4 for every litre of tank water.

Trichoderma harzianum
T. koningii
T. polysporum
T. viride
(7.5 x 106 cfu/ml)


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