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TNC MycorrPlus

  • Powder for easy application

  • Increased drought tolerance - Missed watering becomes less of an issue.

  • Less fertiliser is needed - Saving money

  • Increased root mass

  • Plants are less prone to attacks from pathogens and undesirables

  • Contains add Trichoderma & Bacteria - Increasing your micro heard!

  • Excellent for transplanting


TNC MycorrHydro

  • Bigger yields

  • Increase drought tolerance

  • Improve stress resistance

  • Healthier plants

  • Heavier crops

  • Boosts immune defences

  • Mixes with water


TNC BactorrS13

  • Biological plant stimulant

  • 100% natural ingredients

  • Mixes with water –
    Hydro or hand watering

  • Nitrogen fixing & Phosphorous solubilising bacteria

  • Create a healthy bacterial colony – crowd out pathogens

  • 1 gram of TNC BactorrS13 contains 1.6 billion beneficial bacteria


TNC TricorrP5

  • Stimulates the plants immune system and natural defences

  • Increase resistance to Botrytis, Pythium etc 

  • Controls pathogenic species including Fusarium 

  • Improve overall growth and yield 

  • Improve germination rates

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