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TNC Lite

  • For more lightly planted aquariums.

  • Does not contain Nitrate or Phosphate.

  • Will not cause algae.

  • Can be used in conjunction with TNC Plugs

  • Suitable for beginners or more experienced aquascapers

TNC lite is Nitrate and Phosphate free. It is specifically designed for use in lightly planted aquariums or for aquariums where a higher fish population provides the necessary Nitrate and Phosphate. TNC lite contains Potassium, Magnesium and Trace elements. The essential Nitrate and Phosphates will be provided by your fish and feeding regime. TNC lite is ideal for don't require CO2 injection.

1ml per 10 litre of tank water per week.
If plants show signs of nutrient deficiency, consider increasing dose slightly or use TNC Complete.

1% K, 0.4% Mg, 0.08% Fe, 0.018% Mn, 0.002% Cu, 0.01% B, 0.01% Zn, 0.001% Mo, EDTA.


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