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NPK Value of Everything Organic

We're back to a searchable version of the NPK Value of Everything Organic!
This entirely [non]comprehensive list is once again interactive, so you can sort it, search it, scroll through it and leave a comment or message me to update it, fix it or complain about it.

This list, as it ever was is provided "as-is" and I cannot guarantee the accuracy of the figures. However, so far as composting is concerned, accuracy isn't the goal - providing the best balance of nutrients with the information we have to hand - is.
The "N", "P" and "K" values are represented as standard NPK labelling - so "P" refers to P2O5 and "K" to K2O even though these may not be present when analysed
Clarification on NPK values
1)  Moreno-Caselles, Moral, et. al. 2007

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