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​TNC Complete

  • TNC Complete has ALL the nutrients required for lush, healthy growth in both red and green plants

  • Contains essential Nitrate & Phosphate
    (if N & P are not required - choose 'TNC Lite')

  • Will not cause algae and is safe for shrimp, snails, other inverts and fish

  • Ideal for high light / CO2 or Carbon supplemented aquariums


TNC Lite

  • For more lightly planted aquariums.

  • Does not contain Nitrate or Phosphate.

  • Will not cause algae.

  • Can be used in conjunction with TNC Plugs

  • Suitable for beginners or more experienced aquascapers


TNC Plugs

  • An easy way to feed aquarium plants
    – Just push under gravel

  • Will not cause algae

  • Shrimp safe

  • Re-vitalises depleted substrates

  • Feeds aquarium plants for 6 months or more



  • TNC IronAT is an aquarium fertiliser designed to raise the levels of available iron in your planted tank.

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