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TNC Plugs

  • An easy way to feed aquarium plants
    – Just push under gravel

  • Will not cause algae

  • Shrimp safe

  • Re-vitalises depleted substrates

  • Feeds aquarium plants for 6 months or more

TNC Plugs are convenient capsules that contain a blend of all the minerals which are essential for healthy plant growth and which are released directly to your plant roots slowly over a period of up to 6 months or more.

Simply push one of your TNC Plugs beneath the substrate at base of any plant you wish to feed.

Use :- 2 – 4 TNC Plugs per 1 ft2 (per (30 cm)2)
Push each TNC Plug down in to the substrate adjacent to the plant and cover with approx. 4cm of substrate. 
Do not disturb once placed. Replace after approx. 6 months. 
Fertiliser release and depletion will depend on water temperature, type of plants and plant density.
15 – 9 – 11
N 15%, P2O5 9%, K2O 11%, MgO 2%, Fe 0.45%, Mn 0.06%, Cu 0.055%, B 0.02%, Zn 0.02%, Mo 0.02%, EDTA.


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